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Sprink-L-Fresh Waste Tray Freshener: Cinnamon Spice Limited Edition!

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imagesIt's a fact that when Gliders are fed the correct diet, they - themselves - have almost no discernable smell ( see free Special Report: Feeding ). Because of that, one of the most convenient things about owning these little darlings is that it’s not necessary to change the newspaper in the cage’s waste-tray every day. 

Having said that, if you ever notice an odor coming from your cage, many times it's the result of a combination of tiny “fermenting” chunks of apple (that often fall through the cage floor when eating) - mixing together in the bottom tray along with your animal's poo/pee. Both the juice from the apple and urine are “acidic” in nature, and when mixed together they can create an odor. 

Sprink-L-Fresh is the quick and easy way to completely eliminate any odors coming from the bottom of the cage, because one sprinkle: 1) instantly neutralizes anything it touches…2) leaves the waste tray smelling clean and fresh... and 3) easily lasts for 1-2 weeks at a time.

  • 100% ALL-Natural ingredients means it is ABSOLUTELY safe for your little darling(s) and certified image.
  • Effortless Solution to any odors coming from the waste tray. Just sprinkle on top of the newspaper lining each time you change out the waste tray - and forget about it!
  • Instantly EFFECTIVE at neutralizing all odors coming from the waste tray.
  • Long LASTING A single 3-pack normally lasts an entire YEAR!
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Sprink-L-Fresh Waste Tray Freshener: Cinnamon Spice Limited Edition!

$19.00 USD

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