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Our Success Stories

We pride ourselves on how we treat our customers AFTER the sale. When you join our “family”, we will be there to help you every step of the way.

With that in mind, see for yourself what people just like you have to say about us…

I put up the Leaves and Ladders last night and it took her a few minutes to figure out the leaves, and she had a ball. She was going crazy all over her cage. This morning all the leaves were at the bottom of the cage. I will buy all the other leaves next time I make an order. The leaves are all back up. I know she will have a real good time tonight “destroying” the cage. She also ran and jumped all over the ladder too. She is a little fuzzbut. Every day we fall more in love with her. Looking forward to the day when she will love us as much as we love her. Its coming.

- Yvonne A.

I am proud to be a part of the pocket pets family. You are the only ones I trust to buy my products for my babies. My babies are 7 years and 4 years old and I love very much and want only the best for them. I look forward to many years with you.

- Cass

Honestly you are the only company I trust! My gliders have never been on any different food toys or cage but pocket pets! They absolutely love it and couldn’t love it more! Makes me so happy and warm inside to you know my babies are happy! You make things so much easier on me by emailing me and letting me know stuff that’s going on and even trying to give me free shipping! Thank you !

From me and my babies

Thank you as always for the support and introducing us to the two best blessings our family has received.

Sincerely, Storm and Thor’s Family

I just wanted to pop in and say how grateful I am that I got my sugar glider from your company!! I could not be happier with my little sweetie, Plinko. It’s been about 2 months now, and we are making great progress, and your emails and website have been such a HUGE help!! We are not fully bonded yet, she still doesn’t like my hands, but she is much easier to pick up now from her cage, and she has no problem sitting on my shoulder and having a snack. I look forward to being fully bonded with her and many years of fun and happiness. Again thanks so much for everything, have a great day!!

Jack and Plinko too…LOL

You all still amaze me at how prompt you are with responses. I’ve mentioned this before to another staff member (I think her name is Rosie), but your customer service is beyond ANY other company I have ever dealt with! Thank you for that! We have been impressed by you all, and are more than happy to pass on our experience to any prospective or present customers as well as be an encouragement to the Pocket Pets staff.

Thank you again!

We're so glad to be a part of the Sugar Bear family. Ryan was extremely helpful and full of excellent encouragement. Impressed with the speed of your responses and online support.We appreciate good customer service. Thank you very much.

Chris Williams

Hi everyone,

You probably remember me. I'm the veterinarian who purchased 4 of your babies last week. All have different personalities and they are eating, drinking and bonding well.

I just wanted to take a second and say how impressed I am with all the information and help we've received from your company in the last week. I've never seen anyone sell animals who gives so much support to their new owners - after they buy - and that's great!

Thanks, Tony T.

Hey you wonderful people that brought me the love of my life! I have had my sugar glider (Scout) for almost a year now. He literally goes everywhere I go.

I am disabled, so other than the hospital or the funeral home, he is with me. He is very spoiled and very tame. I have always had him around people from day one. I just wanted to say that your company has always been helpful, and I very much value your opinion and guidance.

Thanks again for bring this lovely creature into my life!

Christi Farris

Dear Jeff,

Last year 2008 at America's Fair, my daughter Jessica and her boyfriend Andy purchased 2 Sugar Gliders from Pocket Pets, I felt it necessary to contact you and let you know what a great experience we have had with the Pocket Pets Company.

Right from the 1st day, Pocket Pets educated Jessica, Andy and myself in how to care for there new babies. While at the fair, before we took the 1st baby home, one of the educators spend at least 2 hours with us answering a ton of questions, then upon purchasing the supplies etc, they spend at least another 90 minutes giving instructions and answering more questions. Upon arriving home with our new baby within 24 hours we started receiving educational emails and had a website to go to for online support. The educational material kept arriving for at least 6 weeks, and to this day we have and will always have online support from Pocket Pets.

It was brought to my attention around the 2nd week in December 2008, that an individual that works under my sisters at Modern Windows another vender of America's Fair, thought he could do better and save money by purchasing a baby Sugar Glider from a pet shop somewhere in Buffalo. He did and he did save a little money but the tragedy is that he was not fully educated or given the proper supplies to properly take care of his glider. This lead to the man not only not feeding the baby (Oliver) properly or having the proper cage, and toys to enlighten the habitat of the baby glider, he was not told to purchase a heating rock to keep his baby warm, considering we very cold winter months.

Sadly because this man was not educated properly in how to bond with his baby or properly care for it, Oliver never bonded with him and resorted to biting him and became a very nasty Sugar Glider, which also lead to this man never touching the baby and making a very unhealthy and unhappy Sugar Glider. I advised this man that I would take him into my home, free of charge of course to at least try to rehabilitate Oliver and hopefully give him a better home life. On December 27th 2008 we brought Oliver home.

Upon doing so, without going into more of a long story, I realized just how terrified of people Oliver was and sought help from Adam at Pocket Pets, I emailed Adam to please contact me by cell phone, not knowing how long it may take or if he would be willing to give advise and help on a glider that was not purchased through Pocket Pets. Within 24 hours of my email, Adam called me, and was more than willing to help me with all of my questions, he spent no less than an hour advising me how to work with Oliver to help to rehabilitate him. To date I have had email contact with Adam on our progress. Oliver is now taking food from my hand and allowing me to touch him.

Pocket Pets are and exceptional company, without them, I do not know what I would have done. They not only educate they care about the homes that there gliders are going to. I would highly recommend doing business with them in the future and hope to see them back at America's Fair this year and years to come.

More companies should learn from Pocket Pets on business ethics. You would think that a pet store would know how to conduct business and be sure a person purchasing a live creature understands how to take care of it, obviously not..

Thank you for your time.

Kathleen Dick

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! We love our 2nd baby that we just got, and I'm sure our first one (Peanut) will too! I will keep in touch.

One other thing, I am a strong believer in "PASS IT ON". So since you made me realize there are still people out there with a heart, and as trustworthy as you are, I will certainly be "PASSING IT ON".


Just wanted you to know that I found a web page that actually gives you all the sellers of sugar gliders, and you guys were rated the highest, 9.5 out of 10. That was great to read, and having been a customer of yours now for several months, I can testify that you guys deserve it!

Kris Gonzalez

To all of those who never believe these kind of letters,

I am a customer and was blessed when I was given the opportunity of having such an angel as these sugar gliders.

My life has completely changed ever since I took my little \"Pixie\" home. I have gone from "Cristy" to "Cristy and Pixie." She is my baby and I have never thought to be so attached to such a little miracle.

I'm not going to lie, in the beginning they are a big responsibility and it takes time to get used to it, BUT one look from these little babies and it makes it all worth while. The way Pixie clings to me is an amazing feeling; knowing that she didn't want to leave me and is finally bonding with me is, in one word, AMAZING!!

This isn't even the best part. Thanks to Pocket Pets, especially Megan and Chris, I haven't had to go through this transition alone. They have been with me every step of the way and their emails and special reports have been more helpful than anyone can imagine. Any pet store can sell you an animal but not everyone can sell you love and give you security. This is my little Pixie:

Her love has spread throughout my entire family. My dad is one that has gotten just as attached to her as I have and this is what my father has to say:

One day my youngest daughter called me and told me she wanted to buy a sugar glider. At first I thought it was a dessert for dinner. Little did I know it was going to be something so little that would almost immediately grab my heart and make it her home. There has been three times before in my life were I was instantly in love. First when I saw my wife for the first time and still after 26yrs. and when my 2 daughters were born.

Pixie, as we call her, became part of my family with such an immense amount of love that it is hard to describe. Let me tell you, at first I did not like the idea, but when I saw her my world changed to the point where I would call my daughter every day after work and ask her about Pixie.

I thank Megan and Chris for choosing a line of work that provides others with a little love that grows on you a lot bigger than they will ever grow.

***Pixie & I Thank You for Bringing Us Together!!!!***

I'll send you a pic with the whole class as soon as we take one! The kids are the ones that bought him for me as a surprise present.

My little man never leaves my side unless he is getting kidnapped by one of the students! He has even run a couple of emergency calls with me and the Fire Dept. he just chills in the side pocket of my BDU's. I love this little guy!!!!!

Thanks again!

Kozette Hubbard

To all you wonderful people at Pocket Pets!

I really don't have a question..I don't see how anyone can. If everyone reads all that you put out, I don't see how there are any questions left. Now that I have been a customer of yours for over 2 full months, I just wanted to say thank you very much for all the work you put into this. I bought two babies in Greensboro, NC, after falling in love in just under 2 minutes.

Taking care of "wild" animals can be very daunting, but you guys make it so much simpler. Most people would just "take the money and run," but you guys go WAY out of your way to make it easier and less terrifying for us, and for that there are many of us out here, I'm sure, who appreciate you tremendously.

I'm so excited about my new babies (the perfect pet for me since I'm on the go all the time), and knowing you're there if I have a problem is wonderful. Thank you so much.

Linda Lackey

My name is Judith Brown. First let me say thank you, thank you, thank you - on behalf of myself, my husband (both of us Seniors) and our two Tonkinese cats (bread for being people friendly and loving)!!!

This is the first time I have ever had decent information about who, what and how about any pet we have ever owned. We are pet lovers and have had many different kids of pets over our 60+ years of our lives. What a true blessing it is to have come across you folks. That's another story I will gladly share some other time.

I love how simple things are for taking care of these little, adorable, beautiful creatures. Thank you again for caring about them so much!

Judith Brown

My name is Theresa Tiernan. I purchased two male gliders from you about 4 weeks ago at the Balloon Festival!! They are fabulous!!! What great little guys and we are thrilled with them. We may want to purchase a few more.

Thanks so much!!! We are thrilled with them!!

Theresa Tiernan

Hi I just wanted you to know that since chippy has joined our family we have already had a great expierence! I was just curious about a sound he makes when he seem contented, it is almost like a purr.

I have seen lots of negative things on the internet and since I have gotten him people have sent articles that were not favorable, however after dealing with your company directly, I now know that these are from people who have not gotten all of the information your company supplies and they do not know the proper diet or way of handling these sweet little creatures. Thank you for this wonderful, rewarding relationship with my new baby!!

Michele Barnes

Dearest people at Pocket Pets:

I can NOT thank you enough for Simon coming in to my life. After just 2 days of being out (AFTER the first 2 initial days in his cage, that is) my Sister-in-law was holding him and he immediately jumped to me. The bonding process is going in leaps and bounds. We are great friends right now and I am confident that we will bond even more closely in the days to come.

Thank you and much love and respect from both Simon and myself.

Mike Sgro & Simon


Let me just let you guys know how awesome this whole thing is.. how we got "tip-o-the day" emails from you, the constant support, and the fact we can email you guys with questions, and we get an answer pretty dang fast. So thank all of you guys for that!


I just wanted to share a true bonding experience I had. It has been two weeks to the day since I brought my precious Zuza home. Today, I decided to keep her in my hands instead of putting her in my shirt. After a few minutes of fussing, she finally fell asleep. This is the first time she fell asleep in my cupped hands. I started to massage her little head since that was the most convenient spot I could reach without disturbing her. After a good 25 minute nap, she woke. I expected her to start chattering.

Instead, she started to lick my hand. It was at this very moment that I felt that she was starting to really trust me.

Thanks so much for introducing me to these precious darlings.

Happy Holidays!

Mike and Zuza





Virgil & everyone at Pocket Pets!

We have really enjoyed getting your emails and have found them so amazingly pertinent and timely. While we are certainly still in the bonding phase of our relationship with Rose & Thorn, we feel we have come such a long way in these few weeks.

Thanks SO MUCH for all your help. We look forward to an interesting and wonderful experience with our newest "children".

Yvonne & Wayne

Thanks for replying so quickly! One more thing, I must say, I have never been more impressed with the detail and all these e-mails you send us every night. Every time I get one, I laugh because they are right on the money.

Thanks again and now since I read this report, I have confirmed the chattering/chirping noise was more like a purr and it is my favorite noise too!

Bev Sweeney

I just wanted to share a true bonding experience I had. It has been two weeks to the day since I brought my precious Zuza home. Today, I decided to keep her in my hands instead of putting her in my shirt. After a few minutes of fussing, she finally fell asleep. This is the first time she fell asleep in my cupped hands. I started to massage her little head since that was the most convenient spot I could reach without disturbing her. After a good 25 minute nap, she woke. I expected her to start chattering.

Instead, she started to lick my hand. It was at this very moment that I felt that she was starting to really trust me.

Thanks so much for introducing me to these precious darlings.

Happy Holidays!

Mike and Zuza

Thank you SO much for responding to my questions regarding shipping so fast. It was also great that your president, Virgil, took the time to e-mail me. Wonderful customer service is hard to find these days - Thank you to all!..

Suzanne Bernstein

Wow, thank u guys sooo much. I have to say I'm so impressed with the care & help you guys give. I'm so glad I got my baby from you guys. I can't wait to fully bond my baby with my dogs. And your advice is really helping.

Thanks so much


Thank you soooo much for writing back so fast!!!! You are a great group of people and I am so pleased that you are all so concerned with placing these little guys in appropriate homes!!! It makes me feel good knowing I can get a quick answer!!!

Thanks again and have a great night!!


To Pocket Pets:

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly on my questions! I did receive the email Monday night, and I just really wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your assistance. Rowe, my baby glider, is doing well. After reading your email, we watched him a little, and the closer we looked, the more it looked like you were right!

Again, thank you. And all the emails you send to us new parents have been very helpful as well.

Best Regards,
Sarah Coli

Thank you, seriously. Not only was your response very helpful, but you made it personal, and actually answered the question I asked. Which means you really read my email.

This was half an actual question, half a test. Any company worth their buisness will make time for their customers. It shows that you dont just want to make money. You must get alot of emails, and its good you respond to them this way.

And again, thank you for this email.


Thank you for responding to my other concerns so quickly...we are enjoying our baby sooooooo much!!! I have also told numerous people about how responsible and caring your company is. You all have been so informative and helpful with our learning curve. Thank you!!

Shelley Bassett


First, let me thank you for having such a great website. It is a great comfort knowing I have access to your expert information whenever I need it.

I got Magnolia (Maggie for short) on Memorial Day. I had been looking at Sugar Gliders for about three years, and my wife surprised me with one as an early Father's Day present.

The bonding process has gone great and I just wanted to tell you how much we all appreciate your help and support. Your nightly emails are incredible!

Shannon Schaffer Glider Daddy!

Thank you so much! We appreciate EVERYTHING you guys have done for us. We would like to get another glider to give Chicklet a friend. I do believe she came to us for a reason and we love her more than anything. Hard work pays off..and we always do everything we can for our animal family just as you guys do at Pocket Pets.

Again, I want to thank you for everything and I will definatley continue to spread the word of what a great place you are for getting gliders from. You guys really care and to us (being animal lovers) that means so much.

We will continue to give you updates on Chicklets food intake and how shes doing!!!

Kristin (daughter) and Carolyn

Hello Virgil, assuming this is virgil,

This is Garan, we were in touch regarding a potential health issue with one of the two gliders we purchased about 2 weeks ago. Just to let you know she is doing great now. Everything you guys told us worked, and she is now bouncy and healthy without diahrea.

Thanks for your time in answering these questions,

Garan & Cynthia


I just wanted to let you know I enjoy all the emails I get from you regarding the Sugar Gliders. Please keep the emails coming I read them all. They are very helpful!

Thank You
Carolyn Rowe


I recently got a baby in North Carolina on Nov. 24 and i just wanted to let you know that I absoloutley love my little baby, Savvy!! She is fiesty but she is finally settling down and now sleeps in my pocket!! It's the neatest thing ever!

Thank you for all the emails you send me every night, they really help!!


OMG thanks to the help I got from your guy Greg, she has completley come around and is just great! All the daily emails help you gave me was amazing! She's just perfect now!

We evetually hope to add another one to our family.. my son says I dont share! :) and he wants his own !! THANKS AGAIN!!

PS: I sent a very long email directly to Greg thanking him. I just wanted you to know how good he is!!

Shelly J. Bunch


This is Katherine Reyes, I had emailed you about two weeks ago when I first got my sugar glider and was really scared. Anyway, he had him for two days and in those two days, I went on your website and found all of the videos you had on Sugar gliders and how to train them. I also listened to the WHOLE cd one morning on my way to work and back from work. After two days of reading everything on your website and taking your advice of not going to any other websites, I was determined that I could too train my sugar gliders.

My point is that I was scared of him but after reading you site, I said to myself that I would not be scared and would not let him "train" ME. So I followed your advice - and it WORKED!!!!!!.

He is also doing very well with my two yorkies and THEY LOVE him!!! My daughter is bonding with him very well too!

He is the best little guy, and I just wanted to apologize for my ignorance and thank all of you at sugar pets for giving me this little bundle of sugar glider joy. We celebrated thanksgiving at my mothers house this saturday and he was in my shirt in a little thing i made for him the whole time!

Thank you !
Katherine Reyes

Hi Pocket Pets!

Just wanted to say thank you SO much for everything! I have 2 healthy boys now (Bill and Ted). I appreciate your personal concern and assistance with all my questions. All your nightly emails are FANTASTIC!



Well I've finally made some progress with my Penelope and take her out everyday. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it sometimes. Thank-you, I very much appreciate this service. Have a nice Sunday afternoon.


WOW! You guys are fast! Thank you so much for answering all my questions! It really makes this whole thing so much easier knowing you're there.



I am appalled at the stupid idiots who are badmouthing pocket pets on the internet. These are obviously idiots that did not listen or read the material that you gave us to read or check things out. or the other web sites that you gave us a look at I think mostly these are just people that do not want to spend the required time.

You were extremely helpful to me - and I will recommend you to everyone I know! You answered all my questions, (and I asked you a lot of them) gave me places to look up to check what you're saying was true. I am extremely satisfied with your company, and the treatment that I've seen you at the fair give the animals. and the information that you gave me so that I could treat and care for my animals in the right way. I just wish home computers had an IQ test, to keep idiots from making stupid statements on the Web that they don't know what they're talking about..

Robert Baker. (extremely satisfied)

Dear Bobbi in Customer Service:

Thanks for your quick answers to my questions. I just have to ask . . . Your family really has 11 gliders in your house?! WOW :)

I just have to tell you that I have been so impressed with your company. The customer service is beyond wonderful. Thanks for providing such a wonderful customer service resource for all of us new parents.

Kellye Roberson

good morning iv now had my baby 2 monthes and i love him very much, i want to thank you guys for all your help and suport. I'm so lucky to have my little guy!

Ariel Hernandez

Evan and Ryan,

We recently purchased 2 babies from you guys. We could not be more pleased !!!!

We got the cage set up and my granddaughter , Raegan came home and she was so excited, I can't tell you !!!! Raegan named one of our girls , SPARKLE and the other is CLEO. WE LOVE THEM !!!!

Just wanted to let you know, you guys were awesome. We listened to the CD on the way home and you had told us everything that was on it. It was great !!! You can tell that you love these little guys and want them to have happy and long lives !!! That was great !!!

Enough said.. Have a great day! Going to go to watch our babies sleep ..

Thanks again !
Cheryl Badgett

Virgil & everyone at Pocket Pets: We just got the last of your new mom & dad emails. I think that makes 30 in all during our first month - and we LOVED them! We hope to hear from you always! Gus and Charlie - our two babies are doing GREAT!

Shotzy & Lemonclown

Update on our adoption of Rocky-

He & Annabelle are inseparable!

I let them out every night to play & they run the living room, occasionally going to explore but always coming back to me.

I just wanted to update ya'll on how our new baby is adapting. We are so in love with them! So now we have 4 furry children & 1 human..hopefully another to come soon. Thank you so much for all the help your tips & emails have given us. Also, just thanks overall for our first glider Annabelle!

Faith Jaggers

Thanks for checking back! He is already doing much better eating a little of his apple, and we are getting his vitamins in with the bread and fruit cocktail.

Thanks soooo much again for being so awesome. We just love having this personal touch in our pet's care that you guys provide.

much thanks,
Cindy Tolliver

Hi Pocket Pet people!

I'm in my third week with my babies, and just wanted to let you know that things couldn't be going better!

Thank you so much. I have to say, I'm so pleased I got my little guys from you, because I'm used to cats and dogs, and the support you offer is invaluable to me, since these guys are so tiny and different.

Leslie W.

Good Morning Friends,

And I do meaning morning! Couldn't sleep this morning so I thought I would give you an update on my "kids"!

I love these little guys so, so much. It is really true. They are like little babies. But they understand so much too. They are so smart. Daisy is the same way. Now he just waits patiently while I open the bag and give him his treat. He is also is a scoundrel, because if I give her something before I give it to him, he takes it out of her mouth and eats it. Now and then she delivers a blow for herself and won't let him have it.

I was in JoAnn Fabrics the other day and had the Kids in a pouch. The woman at the registered looked at it and I said I had Sugar Gliders in it. She smiled and said her girl friend had two of them also..and the girl friend called the Gliders, her Girls. So I'm not the only Mommy who loves these little guys and talks to them..and I'm sure that's true of all your other customers too.

Have a good day, Friends

Chopper and Daisy's Mom, Judy

Thank you SO much for your fast response, I did give him the peach syrup and held him a lot. This seems to have helped him greatly. Your advice saved his life!!! Thanks for responding so quickly as it also comforted me to know i was doing something to help the little guy....

Dorene Bruce

Thank you for your reply, Virgil. We only want to do right by this little critters, and you're completely right about the "cult mentality" of some glider websites out there.

Unless you're willing to spend $1000 for your glider, from only people or breeders in "their circle", and utilize any of a gazillion different diets they ascribe to which never ever relies on a prepared pellet, then you aren't doing it right. Bottom line is, as long as your gliders are happy and healthy, then that's what counts the most!!!

Thanks again for your support, and sorry if I'm being a pest!!

Best regards,

Today was Gr-8!!! Garu (the boy) he played with all of us, including my husband. He jumped from one family member to the other and back and forth. He was having alot of fun trying out his new wings and really using them for the first time.

We will keep you informed, and as always, thanks for answering my uncountable mails. I feel much better after receiving your mails = )


Thank you for all your help and the videos are so amazing and EXTREAMLY helpful. Have a great day !

Kimberly Walker guys are just AMAZING....You were right! I started cleaning the area and a little pus came out of the wound, I cleaned the area thoroughly and applied a small amount of neosporin! Thank you so much for the quick response....She's doing GREAT now!


Customer Care,

Thanks for your reply. The Yuck-E-Stuff arrived yesterday and just in time. I got a chance to try out the technique of putting my thumb in our male gliders mouth.

It worked! Today we were best of buddies. Thanks again.

Best regards,
Dave McGowan

Hi fellow sugar glider lovers!

My name is Kim and I purchased one of your wonderful "critters" about 11 1/2 weeks ago; his name is Brody. I just love him!! He is doing really well; he eats his Glider chow, drinks his water/gatorade mix, nibbles on his bread, and will even lick yogurt off my finger (love that!)

Thank you all for introducing this fabulous animal to me. I will send pictures soon!


Thank You for all your encouragement. I think Sarah and I are seeing a turn in events. We were in the tent tonight and she was running around on me and my boys joined in the tent and it was actually fun.

I am so grateful you have this support service for new parents. You helped me to see it will only get better with time :)

Thank You, Lynda

I just wanted to write and let you know what a good job your team did at the County Fair this past week. While I only spoke with Adam (and Rupert!), I spent a great deal of time at your booth and was able to observe the entire team in action. They were all very professional, very courteous, and very patient! Kudos to all of you!

Have a great day.

Jason Schultz

Hello Pocket Pets,

I have asked lots of questions since purchasing our pair of gliders from you in Dec. 2007 and you have always been wonderful to respond!

Thank you so much!

Michele Lewellen

Thanks again for answering my questions so quickly. Sometimes I feel like I am an pest, but am appreciative you are so patient!

Thanks again!
Barbara Johnson

Thank- you everyone at Pocket Pets for putting up the informational videos, those helped me more than the wriiten info.

I am now able to understand my babies better. I just bought my little boy from the Tally- Ho and I named him Duncan, he is a lot calmer than my little girl Daisymae!!!

I'm glad I watched all the videos it's a lot easier to learn by visually watching someone with the babies than it is to read and hear about how to care for the babies and I learned a lot more!!!

Thank-you so much guys!!!!!

Dawn Thebalds

This is amy and i just wanted to let you know i love my pocket pet so much!!!

Amy Adkins

I have purchased 2 sugar gliders from your company and it has been been a great experience.

I first bought Storm in October of last year and Mystique this February. When I got storm I followed all the emails and tips and she turned out great. Now I'm doing the same thing with Mystique, and she's coming along well too!

Again, thank you for all your time and help that you've give me!

Sincerely, Kris

Thanks for such an enjoyable new member of our family!

Dennis & Ryan Swift

Thanks, we have only had Daxter for 10 days and he has very willingly made himself right at home in our family..we love him so much!

Your emails are so informative and easy to follow that Daxter has already bonded with us (though he is a little more partial to me J.) He eats his Glider Chow, apples, and vitamins wonderfully, drinks from his water bottle (and bottle caps), wants us to hold him, and he loves to play.

Heck, we've even got him potty trained! He goes in his ball, then we just wash it out every day! I also want to commend the gentleman who helped us with the "adoption" papers. He was awesome! Very patient and knowledgeable.

Thanks again for all the great information!

Lisa Mivelaz
(a.k.a. Daxter's Mom)

I purchased 2 pocket pets and a cage at the County Fair a few weeks ago!

Very very happy with them. You guys are fantastic. Thanks for all your support!

Walter R. Davis

Thanks so much for alllll your help and support. I (once again) congratulate you for the excellent job you do (web, CD, personal support, etc.)


Dear Barbara,

Thank you for posting the pictures of Molly in the Photo Gallery. Last night we told Molly she is a star. Don't know if she understood, but when we told Molly, her eyes actually got bigger!!! She is a Sweetheart!

Have a wonderful week


THANK YOU SO MUCH. We sure enjoy our gliders and appreciate your getting back so very fast.

Thanks again!
Susan Watson


Your customer service is fantastic. I appreciate your quick response!

Thanks again
Terri Cousins

Thank you so much for getting back to me you all are the best your always there to answer any questions!

Thanks Again,


First and foremost, I would like to say how thrilled my family and I are about our new lil' buddy "Ozzy". In the past 6 months, he has really become a family member. I am amazed at what a strong personality Gliders develop.

With all of these praises in mind..we are considering becoming a home to another glider or two.

Thanks, as always! Ozzy says HI!

Sgt. Chris Beste

Thank you so much for working with me. i will certainly recommend your company and the gliders to all my friends!

Sandra Berry

Happy 4th from both of us and our babies! Thanks so much for your ongoing support - it really does help . . . .

Katherine Neff

My new large cage arrived today! Thank you very much! I have a "crew" lined up to help me assemble it right now!

And..a heartfelt THANK YOU from my gliders, Mango and Kiwi!

Sincerely, Johanna Lassila

Dear Adam and Virgil,

Finally, finally I think we are out of the woods!

You guys have been so great. It's like getting an emergency appointment with your pediatrician at 3:00 AM. Thank you again. I was so scared we were going to lose him. My Vet is very interested in the work you are doing so when you are ready to publish let me know.

I suppose there will be a need for more informed exotic creature Vets in our area.

My great appreciation,

Janice Midgley

Hi team pocketpets!

We bought our precious girl when your team had an expo at the horse show. I just had to show off this picture of our baby chloe giving smooches to my girlfriend Gina.

We just want to say thanks a lot for all of the time you guys put into finding homes for these little guys. Infact as soon as our girl is grown we are ready to get her a sister! Please feel free to share our photo if you would like on your website or for whatever!

Thanks so much again. And I'd really like to know when is the right time to get another one. Please let me know what you think.

Alison Butchikas

Thanks for checking back! He is already doing much better eating a little of his apple, and we are getting his vitamins in with the bread and fruit cocktail.

Thanks soooo much again for being so awesome. We just love having this personal touch in our pet's care that you guys provide.

much thanks,
Cindy Tolliver


We bought them a barrell of monkeys, and they are the best toy ever!!! you have to try them out. we hook them and hang them all over their cages, they unhook them, take them to bed, and crouton was fragging it with his tail!! sooo cute!!

You guys have been so wonderful, I cant thank you enough!

Alicia Chaki

I have had my precious babies about 8 weeks now. And I just love them, I want to share my joy with EVERYONE!

Sonia Jones

Just wanted to say thanks for the advice and encouragement about taking Peanut and Bear to Florida with us for out families vacation. We just returned today, and had a great time.

They went everywhere with us. On a cruise of the bay, museums, the beach, Marineland, etc. They also got the attention of more than one group of people, when we could have them out in the open. (I would open their pouch, and if they wanted to come out I let them!) They stayed on me, but allowed themselves to be petted by others.

I was nervous about traveling with them because I've never traveled with an animal before, but I won't hesitate to take them along again!

Thanks again, not only for the advice and encouragement, but for our two wonderful boys.


I have to admit I was very nervous taking my baby home especially the first couple of days. I think I called Megan at least once a day if I didn't go in person to see her at The Fair. She has been such a big help with my sugar glider. I am proud to say I am able to hold her even in my shirt. I barely use the bonding pouch anymore.

I am very glad that I bought my sugar glider from pocketpets and a lot of people I know now want one too and I tell them they shouldn't go anywhere else because pocketpets is the safest and best place to get a sugar glider, there trustworthy which is important when adopting a new member into the family.

Thank you so much for bringing pocketpets to The Fair where I was able to fall in love with sugar gliders and bring one into my family!

Love Cassie & Lily

I never thanked you for your help. Thank you so much. It was reassuring.

Our little Jingo was in my bedroom closet (I think he rode in there in the shopping bag I had in the car) I found him at 1:00 am when I went to go to bed.

Thanks again!

Hello to our friends at Pocket Pets!

I had never heard of Sugar Gliders until I attended the Flower and Patio Show last year. I saw this gentlemen with this "critter" on his shoulder.

Curious, I went up to the booth to see what it was. He proceeded to tell me and the crowd about the Sugar Gliders and entertained us by showing how they glide when they jump. This year my fiancee and I attended the show again, as we were walking by the booth, I grabbed him and pulled him over and said, "You have got to see this." He was just as intrigued as I was. We continued to stand there for over 2 hours discussing the Sugar Gliders and learning more about them from the Perfect Pocket Pet crew. We immediately decided that we had to have two. So, we purchased our first pair of Sugar Gliders.

Now that we are several months down this "road", I also wanted to tell you how much we love the emails we get and the support that your staff offers. We've had a few questions in the beginning and they were either answered by your emails, or by a staff member via email directly.

The Family Circle emails have been extremely helpful in raising our little ones. As you can imagine, being new to the Glider community, we have had a ton of questions about these little guys. The Family Circle emails have been so helpful and informative. I can't wait to see what you have in store in the future. It is very encouraging to know that if we have an issue or question, you are there 24-7. Thank you for all the support and the emails that you have sent us over these first few months. We really appreciate it!

Cynthia and Ryan
(Neo and Gizmo too)

I first met Virgil and Chris from Perfect Pocket Pets when they were in Birmingham, Alabama at a craft show. They had a lot of their personal sugar gliders there and everyone was having a great time.

I had fallen in love with and wanted a sugar glider years ago but it was so pricey in the pet store ($1200!). That price was only for the glider! Needless to say, I didn't buy it. I did buy a wonderful little girl, with all the supplies, for a very reasonable price from Pocket Pets.

I love Bitsi, my sugar glider! She is cute, tiny, smart and fun. Virgil and the staff at Pocket Pets are very knowledgeable and helpful. The frequent tips that arrive by email are not only helpful, they are enjoyable and I look forward to each one. When I have emailed for help or with a question, I've gotten a prompt response. The support I've received as a new parent to a baby glider is invaluable. Now as a somewhat experienced parent, I find I still have a question from time-to-time and I still get prompt responses. Pocket Pets really DO care about anything related to your little precious baby. That help and caring attitude does not end when you take your sugar glider home.

I also love that there is an online store so you can feel secure in knowing that you are buying products that will not harm your glider. I have, so far, bought everything in their store except for a travel cage! I even bought a larger cage for our home and use the original cage at our condo. The travel cage will be purchased eventually as we do travel. Suzanne is wonderful at clarifying any questions you might have about your order or the products.

The wonderful people of Pocket Pets are the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. They will do all they can to help you take care of and bond to your new baby glider. They will also help you provide all you need to take great care of your new, precious family addition. Thanks, Pocket Pets staff!


I first saw Pocket Pets at the Fair. I had never seen a sugar glider before and thought they were so adorable. I held one of them and he was so comfortable curled up in my hand, but the cutest was when his owner called him back. He jumped a couple of feet right back to him!

I decided to get one and brought Button home. We got a CD packed full of extremely helpful information on the feeding and care of our new sugar glider. I was a little nervous about owning an animal that I didn't know much about, but with Pocket Pets online help and support we were able to provide the best care for our new addition. After only having Button one day, the whole family was already so in love with him that we had to go back and get another one, Bear.

With all the wonderful advice from Pocket Pets both Bear and Button are completely bonded with the whole family now. We cannot imagine not having them as a part of our family!

Thank You!

Heather, Joe, Jade, and Charlotte

I just wanted to say thank you for bringing these little creatures to our area. We had never even heard about Sugar Gliders until we say them at the Iowa State Fair. We were enthralled with them and after asking many questions, purchased two. Drake and Dempsey.

We just love them. I love that they can go anywhere with us and that they are so easy to take care of. The people in my office just love when I bring them in. They beg me to bring them in each day.

These little guys just show so much love and are so fun to watch. They both had such distinct personalities and they just love each other. They are great for my 2 cats. The cats love to follow them around and play with them. They are not bothered at all by them but rather like a babysitter and help us keep track of where they are. They get along better than I could have imagined!

Over the past 7 months I have had many question about little issues and Pocket Pets has been there whenever I have asked and have given me great information and have put my mind at ease.

This has been a great learning process for both my husband and myself as well as all our friends and family.

Thank you again.
Kathryn Bisbey