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GliderSafe Lifetime Health Guarantee

Sugar Glider Health & Wellness Lifetime Health Guarantee

What is the guarantee? 

Over the last 10 years and 75,000+ adoptions we've learned a thing or two... Our emphasis has always been creating an easy to follow system that relies on Veterinary expertise to ensure the health & safety of the adorable little animals, but we've grown to become experts at making sure the relationship between our company and our loving parents is a great one too! 

As a way of making sure of that and "putting our money where our mouth is we've decided to do something that nobody, to our knowledge, has ever done before. We're offering a Lifetime Health Guarantee on all of the animals that we provide through our adoption program. 

Our "mastermind" of Sugar Glider experts (including industry leading Veterinarians and Nutritional geniuses) has informed us that over 90% actually, associated with Sugar Gliders come down to improper nutrition. That is why we've designed our products to not only exceed the strict dietary restrictions of Sugar Gliders but also made our nutritional delivery method extremely easy to follow. 

We're so confident in the products that we've designed over the years, that if you provide proof that you're following our instructions & dietary plan, we will stand behind you with a Health Guarantee for the Lifetime of your animal. 

If your GliderSafe products are so good, why would you need to do this...?

It's not that we "need" to do this, it's rather a way for us to showcase our industry leading information & nutritional products, and to guarantee that our babies are given a chance to not just survive, but thrive!

Our experts tell us that we can prevent more than 90% of the health problems associated with Sugar Gliders with our nutritional products, and so we think that it is our duty to do our best to guarantee that each & every Sugar Glider is nourished by them.

We take our adoption program very seriously, and we want nothing more than to make sure that every animal leads a long happy & healthy life. It is that reason that we place our trust in the confidence of our "expert mastermind" and stand behind our products to the fullest extent we are capable.

How does this guarantee work...?

Heaven forbid you should ever need to exercise this guarantee...

We've designed the process to be as frictionless and as simple as possible, especially given the unfortunate events that surround the circumstance. We simply ask that you contact customer service and provide proof of purchase of your animal(s) and our nutritional products.

At that point they will provide you a variety of replacement options, of which you may select the one that is most convenient for you.

Since we aren't a breeder, we have to source another baby for you. That comes at a cost to us that we will pass on to you, but in an effort to make good on our word we will offer you a 1:1 exchange in the form of store credit. For example: If we provide you that costs you $135, we will give you $135 in store credit.

Essentially, we're guaranteeing that your next baby will have access to the highest quality Sugar Glider food and nutritional resources that we know to be available and, heaven forbid, we're trying to take some of the pain out of losing a loved one.

What do I need to do to maintain the guarantee?

It's quite simple. Generally speaking, any warranty that you receive, whether it's with your new air conditioner or certified pre-owned vehicle, will come with a "your end of the bargain". We aim to make it simple, and so as long as you follow our husbandry guide - we will honor our Lifetime Health Guarantee. So, in case you're unsure of what that means I'll spell it out for you.

Cage & Habitat

If you want to maintain eligibility for your GliderSafe Health Guarantee you'll need to provide your babies a habitat deemed GliderSafe by the ASGV. Luckily, all of our cages have passed that rigorous approval process, and so as long as your babies are living in one of our cages you're in good shape! If you're curious about the safety of plants or the right way to clean your cage, we offer information to help you keep things GliderSafe!


Toys are just as impactful on the health & well being of a Sugar Glider as anything else. We recommend that you follow the instructions provided on our website, and supply your babies with toys from our store to guarantee their safety. We cannot honor our warranty if you jeopardize your fuzzy family's life with unsafe toys.

Nutrition & Treats

All of our nutritional products are designed to exceed the strict dietary requirements mandated by the ASGV. If there is any question as to whether or not what you are supplying your litte buddies is GliderSafe, we have a plethora of resources to help guide your pursuits. However, if you wish to maintain your eligibility in our Lifetime Health Guarantee you're going to need to supply your babies with a diet approved by the ASGV.

Proof of Eligibility

In order to provide proof of your eligibility, we require you to provide the original receipt of purchase & photographic evidence that your babies are living in a GliderSafe environment. We will be able to review your order history, and note that you've purchased products from our store to provide evidence that you're supplying a GliderSafe diet but in the event that we cannot verify any such purchases we reserve the right to refuse our Lifetime Health Guarantee. In other words, you will need to prove that you are following our husbandry guide as provided through our website. If you have any further questions in regards to our Lifetime Health Guarantee please email customer service.