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Glide-R-Gravy Instant Gourmet Superfood (6 mo. supply)

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Glide-R-Gravy™: Tips, Tricks & How To Use!


For almost a decade now, our team of top Veterinarians, nutritionists, and animal-care experts has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to develop a "concentrated dietary enhancement" specifically for Sugar Gliders. The goal of this team of experts was to take any glider's "basic", healthy diet (like the pellets they need to have every day) - and instantly TRANSFORM it into a gourmet "SuperFood" that would enhance their health, vitality, and overall quality of life in a way that is SO YUMMY they simply can't resist it!

So, does your little darling "need" Glide-R-Gravy in order to be healthy? - absolutely not. The simple truth is that the basic Glide-R-Chow diet plan is - BY FAR - the most-widely used dietary program for Sugar Gliders in the world. For well over a decade now, it's continued to be the most economical and practical way to give your little darling(s) all the basic nutrition they're ever going to need. 

That being said, Glide-R-Gravy simply takes fundamental Sugar Glider "nutrition" - and for the first time ever - SUPERCHARGES it to a whole new level. Actually, one of the world's leading Sugar Glider Veterinarians put it best when they said: "It's like taking your favorite "hamburger"... snapping your fingers... and all of a sudden you've got "Thanksgiving dinner" on the table."  

  • Effortless Just add water and you're all set. OdorGuard technology prevents unwanted odors - and it only takes about one minute to make a MONTH'S supply. image
  • Guaranteed to "super-charge" almost every aspect of your little darling(s) life - or your money back!
  • The SAFEST way to add variety and "spice" to your glider's life without risking their health. Certified image
  • Save $$$: MUCH cheaper than trying to make complicated homemade diets or buy special ingredients at your supermarket. Best quality - Lowest Cost image

 If you've ever wanted to give your little darling(s) a VARIED diet that is completely safe, and jam-packed with nutrients & flavor they'll just GO CRAZY for - then you've got to check this stuff out. 

Give it a try, and see for yourself. Pour a little over their pellets every night, and in less than two weeks, you'll swear your little fuzzbutts are "thanking" you every time they jump into your arms! image We GUARANTEE you'll LOVE the results - or your money back!

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Glide-R-Gravy Instant Gourmet Superfood (6 mo. supply)

$59.00 USD

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