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Blu-Licious Gran-OH-la! Dental Health Biscuits

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Learn How Blu-Licious Gran-Oh-La Keeps Your Baby Happy & Healthy!!

One of the cutest things about having these little fuzzbutts in our lives is watching them eat treats. However, the problem with this is that our little friends naturally have an OVERWHELMING “sweet-tooth” (moreso than almost any other animal) - and since nobody has come out with a teeeeny, tiiiiiiiny little toothbrush yet - this can present a BIG problem as they start to grow up. 

According to the Association of Sugar Glider Veterinarians (, one of the most serious medical problems faced by sugar gliders as they grow up are DENTAL issues associated with eating all the things they love the most (fruits, veggies, sweet treats, etc.) - and that's EXACTLY why “Gran-OH-la!” was invented!  

Gran-OH-la! Dental Health Biscuits are the result of years of extensive formulation and testing. They are certified 100% GliderSafe, and have PROVEN provide just the right balance of valuable dental abrasion, digestive 'roughage', and important vitamins & nutrients - all in one crunchy, YUMMY little treat!

  • Cleans teeth & gums AUTOMATICALLY simply by doing what they already love - eating treats! Since gliders only grow one set of teeth in their lifetimes - it's very important to take care of them early on.
  • Promotes optimal digestion from “one end to the other” by providing a precise balance of digestive ‘roughage’ designed to support and maintain a healthy digestive system! 
  • Infused with important enzymes, essential oils, and a wide range of important nutrients!

Just ¼ of a biscuit every day does the job - and a single bag typically lasts an entire YEAR!


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Blu-Licious Gran-OH-la! Dental Health Biscuits

$23.00 USD

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