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GIVING CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE *   As you probably know, since we all are “moms & dads” ourselves – many times some of the best ideas for new products come from own direct experience with these little darlings. In this case, this fun & exciting toy started out as a GREAT “collaboration” between one of our amazing Customer Service Specialists (Rosie) – and our awesome shipping manager (JT)!   THANKS GUYS! :)  

Leaves-N-Ladders is one of our latest “lifestyle enhancement” products designed specifically to enrich our little buddies' lives and works with ALL our standard and large cages. Using the Veterinarian-approved, 100% GliderSafe “Hook-R-Uppers” – (that are of course included) – you can quickly and easily attach this inside ANY of our cages; in an UNLIMITED number of shapes and configurations!

…AND HERE’S WHERE THE FUN REALLY BEGINS!...  This toy package also includes 20 of our specially-themed “Jungle” leaf packs (now you can customize your little one's cage cage throughout the whole year with any of our fun Bunch-O-Leaves: Holiday Leaf Packs).

As demonstrated in the video above, simply push the leaves through the various holes in the “ladder” in any pattern you wish. Then when your little fuzz-butts wake up, watch them go CRAZY running, jumping, swinging and dangling from their ladder(s) as they start collecting all the leaves and hiding them in their favorite spots around their cage!

Whether they trade the leaves between each other… barter for Yum-E-Treats… or use them as “poker chips” in a midnight game of poker - this toy will be just as much fun for them as it will be for YOU watching them and rearranging them in the ladder day after day! :)


INTEGRATES perfectly with ALL of our cages! :)

- COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE in seconds for unlimited fun! :)

100% Certified  

EASILY WASHABLE: leaves can either hand-washed or thrown in the washing machine (on gentle cycle) and ladder can be rinsed with soap and water :)


Click Here For Your Leaves-N-Ladders  Instructions! :)

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$19.00 USD

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