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Yuck-E-Stuff Behavioral Training Spray

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While it’s definitely true that Gliders almost never "chew" on things or bite, when they are little babies they will sometimes "nip" simply because they are scared or skittish. In many ways, young Gliders are just like little kids. Some are "instantly" trusting – and some are a little more temperamental – but with consistent love and discipline, they will become INCREDIBLY affectionate members of your family.

If your little "darling" is particularly "challenged" in the discipline area – then Yuck-E-Stuff Behavioral Training Spray is the RIGHT tool for the job!

All you do is pump 3-4 sprays of Yuck-E-Stuff directly on your skin (or the object you want protected) followed by a firm "NO CHEW" or "NO BITE" command. Even the most stubborn Gliders will respond to Yuck-E-Stuff when used consistently to discourage unwanted behavior.

  • Dramatically speeds up the bonding process by quickly discouraging unacceptable behavior.
  • 100% SAFE for you and your Glider. Safe on skin, wood, fabrics, plants, carpets, etc...
  • Odorless and colorless.
  • Veterinarian used and recommended.
  • Promotes healing when sprayed directly on bare-spots, sores, or cuts by discouraging licking or self-chewing.
  • Works Immediately on contact so "a little spray goes a LONG way". Once they get a "mouthful" of Yuck-E-Stuff, they WILL remember it image



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Yuck-E-Stuff Behavioral Training Spray

$23.00 USD

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