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Yum-E-Treats Organic Snack Mix: 1 Year Supply

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Treats for Your Sugar Bear: Learn the Facts!


Feeding your Gliders new “fun foods” is incredibly entertaining – and Yum-E-Treats is the SAFEST and LEAST expensive way to make sure they’re getting the BEST possible balance of ALL their favorite snacks. 

Yum-E-Treats is the result of over a decade of research that combines the TOP FIFTEEN sweet snacks most loved by Gliders. Even more importantly, all the ingredients in this proprietary “Super-Mix” are 100% Certified Organic; which is EXTREMELY important since almost all other dried fruits and snacks on the market contain Sulfur and other chemical preservatives which can be harmful to Gliders. 

Equally important is the fact that Yum-E-Treats is infused with our proprietary, all-natural Od-R-Guard Technology which prevents your little darlings from developing an offensive odor that commonly occurs when eating other “treat” type foods. 

  • Scientifically-Balanced just for Sugar Gliders. Incorporates all their favorite foods in exactly the right amounts. Gliders LOVE a wide range of treats - and they’ll NEVER get tired of it!
  • Speeds-Up Training process by rewarding them with an extremely wide-range of treats they go absolutely BONKERS for!
  • 100% SAFE for your Glider – and YOU! Made from only the highest-quality 100% Organic ingredients. Try it – you’ll like it TOO!
  •  SAVE $$$: MUCH cheaper than trying to buy other “treat foods” at your local supermarket. Best quality – Lowest Cost!
*As of April 1st, we enter into our warmer months and the aesthetic integrity of this item is heat sensitive. We will make every effort to get the product to you as it appears, however, we cannot guarantee that the product won't soften or even melt. The product is still perfectly safe. If you are ordering this product after April 1st, you are accepting the risk that the product could arrive soft or melted. *

Give your Glider one whiff of this... and watch the FUN begin!

For a fun twist, take a yogurt drop and 2 other items and heat them up in the microwave fo 15 seconds (or long enough to melt the drop over the other treats). Mix everything up to make sure the treats get coated and refrigerate until firm. This is especially good for animals that get picky with the mix!

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Yum-E-Treats Organic Snack Mix: 1 Year Supply

$29.00 USD

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