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Jung-L-Gym Premium Ceramic Heat Lamp (Bulb & Dome)

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Virgil Explains How to Best Use Your Heat Lamp!


According to the Association of Sugar Glider Veterinarians (, one of the most common causes of illness in young Sugar Gliders is accidental hypothermia. The ideal room temperature for young Sugar Gliders is about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Since this is not practical for most homes, all babies sold by Pocket Pets automatically come with an electric heat rock to help give your little fuzzbutts a nice warm place to snuggle. 

With that in mind, the Jung-L-Gym Premium Ceramic Heat Lamp is the ideal addition to any Sugar Glider “home”; providing a continuous source of safe, economical heat that: 1) consistently keeps their entire cage at the optimal temperature, and 2) automatically prevents your little darlings from accidentally catching a chill when they are out playing. 

When selecting the right heat lamp & dome combination, the type and quality of both items are extremely important. As such, both the bulb and dome that make up the Jung-L-Gym Premium Ceramic Heat Lamp have been extensively tested to promote and ensure the optimum development of happy and healthy young Joeys, and are certified image

  • 100w CERAMIC Heat Bulb By far, the best, and most economical heat bulb on the market; providing optimal heat without emitting any light whatsoever. Under normal use, this bulb should last your pet’s entire lifetime.
  •   6 Inch Caged Dome :  provide the safest, most consistent heat distribution throughout the entire cage. Up to 30% more efficient than other domes.
  • On/Off Switch and Recessed Receptacle makes thorough cleaning a snap - and allows easy placement of oversized toys and large branches.
  • Save $20 over Pet Shop Prices by getting the best quality ceramic bulb and dome and not paying retail!
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Jung-L-Gym Premium Ceramic Heat Lamp (Bulb & Dome)

$39.00 USD

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