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Jung-L-Gym Premium Start-R-Cage

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imageOur Standard Start-R-Cage is specifically made for young Sugar Gliders – and can also house up to 2 full-grown adults as their permanent home. While it may look fairly simple at first, its design is actually the end result of extensive ongoing research based on the latest Veterinary studies.  *Please note that cages are excluded from any free shipping promotion*

All this is CRITICAL to the optimum development of happy and healthy young Joeys.
  • PERFECT Size: Veterinary studies show that the 18x18x24 size is ideal for young Sugar Gliders – promoting high activity levels and speeding up the bonding process.
  • High-Grade PVC coating that is certified . This is an extremely expensive, high-density coating – which is especially critical for young animals, which are more susceptible to toxicity poisoning.
  • Optimal Climbing Mesh: Veterinary studies show that the ½” x ½” x 1” mesh wire design reduces stress and prevent injuries in young Sugar Gliders.
  • Climbing Ledge & Play Ramp creates a fun and interesting environment where your little darlings can exercise and play.
  • Reinforced, Spring-loaded Door keeps your animals safe and snug in their home.
  • Removable, Plastic Poo Tray will not rust, corrode, or absorb odors. Just rinse and go!
  • Great “Travel” Cage with sturdy carrying handle easily fits in most cars. Ideal for longer trips or vacations.


Click here to see all the COOL attachments you can use to connect your Start-R-Cage to the I-Home or to another Start-R-Cage!

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    Jung-L-Gym Premium Start-R-Cage

    $189.00 USD

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