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Start-R-Cage & Start-R-Kit Combo

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Product description

Our Standard Start-R-Cage is specifically made for young Sugar Gliders – and can also house up to 2 full-grown adults as their permanent home. While it may look fairly simple at first, its design is actually the end result of extensive ongoing research based on the latest Veterinary studies.

Your Start-R-Kit includes a:

  • 3-month supply of Glide-R-Chow (for 2 animals)
  • 3-month supply of Glide-A-Mins  (for 2 animals)
  • 4oz., “Non-Tip” Food Bowl
  • 4oz. Water Dispenser with Cage Hanger
  • GliderSafe, ATR (Auto-Temperature-Regulated) Heat Rock
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Start-R-Cage & Start-R-Kit Combo

$235.00 USD

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