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Our YOG-E-BAKES are Yogurt flavored treats we have added to our limited ingredient treat line, fresh BAKED in small batches with minimal processing. Similar to a pastry with a healthy crunch, your babies will go BANANAS for this delicious, healthy treat. Sold in a 4 month supply (for 1 animal)


Using a wheat flour base, this product has the benefits of :

*Stabilizing and maintaining blood sugar

*Controlling appetite

*Sustaining energy levels

Just to name a few!


We strongly recommend storing these in the freezer to keep them fresh and extend their shelf life. Be sure to thaw before serving.



Pro Tip: Use one of these bars during tent time or offer one while you have your baby in the pouch to accelerate trust building and make the experience end on a positive note!




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$18.00 USD

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