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Warm-N-Cozy Premium Starter Cage Cover

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Next to malnutrition, the single-most common cause of illnesses in Sugar Bears is accidentally getting too cold. For Sugar Bears, their tiny bodies function best at between 75 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit - and since most of us keep our homes a little cooler than that - every little fuzzbutt we place for adoption automatically gets a "heat rock" in their cage. On a practical level, this acts like a "furnace" in their homes - and gives them a nice, warm place to play and snuggle when they sleep. image 

With that in mind, our entire line of the Warm-N-Cozy premium cage covers (created exclusively for our Starter, Single, and Double cages), were specifically designed by our team of Veterinarians and licensed animal-care experts to work hand-in-hand with the heat rock you already have to produce an extremely pleasant - almost tropical - environment for your little darlings; virtually regardless of surrounding temperatures.

  • The Perfect “Insurance” for your little darling's health and well-being. Automatically ensures an optimal, safe environment - regardless of room temperature, drafts, or power outages.
  • BreatheRite Polar Fleece provides exactly the right amount of "state-of-the-art" warmth and comfort.
  • Form-Fitted, Quality construction provides entire cage with a tight-fitting "barrier" of safe, breathable insulation.
  • 100% Machine Washable fabric - certified to be image - ensures long-life and durability.
  • $aves $ignifcant Energy allowing surrounding areas to be maintained at economical temperatures.
  • Easy Access & Portable Specifically designed to "hug" the cage - while still allowing easy access and removal. Allows cage to be easily transported without compromising health & safety.



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Warm-N-Cozy Premium Starter Cage Cover


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