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Squeak-E-Clean Quarterly Sterilization Spray

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SammyWith any pet, cleanliness is always important – but with Sugar Gliders, a ‘quarterly’ cleaning (roughly every 3 months) and sterilization of their cage it is absolutely VITAL to their continued health and well-being. Even though Gliders keep themselves impeccably clean and groomed – over time their cage, toys and surroundings will develop a fine film of microscopic dust that becomes a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. In time, this dust can accumulate in your Glider’s lungs and respiratory system – causing severe illness or even death.

Since most industrial soaps and cleaners will not sterilize and eliminate this dust, (and are deadly if ingested by Gliders), our team of Glider Experts and Veterinarians developed the proprietary formulation for Squeak-E-Clean Sterilization Spray over 15 years ago.

Raising literally tens-of-thousands of these little darlings every year is a BIG responsibility – and our team always puts the health and safety of our animals before ANYTHING else. Because of this, we FAITHFULLY sterilize ALL our cages and supplies at LEAST every 90 days with Squeak-E-Clean - and will never use ANYTHING else.

  • Effortless: Just mist on cage, toys and all supplies - and let air dry. Use as often as you like. No need to rinse & scrub!
  • Guaranteed to instantly sterilize all harmful germs, bacteria and microbes on contact.
  • Proven 100% SAFE for you and your Glider. The only sterilization spray to be certified image
  • Odorless and colorless.
  • Veterinarian used and recommended.
  • Works Immediately on contact
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Squeak-E-Clean Quarterly Sterilization Spray

$15.00 USD

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