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Sprink-L-Fresh and Liner Combo

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Choose from many scents of our proprietary waste tray freshener and pack of our cost effective waste tray liners in this money saving combo!

The Sprink-L-Fresh - It's a fact that when Gliders are fed the correct diet, they - themselves - have almost no discernible smell . Because of that, one of the most convenient things about owning these little darlings is that it’s not necessary to change the liner in the cage’s waste-tray every day. 

Having said that, if you ever notice an odor coming from your cage, many times it's the result of a combination of tiny “fermenting” chunks of fruit or vegetable (that often fall through the cage floor when eating) - mixing together in the bottom tray along with your animal's poo/pee. Both the juice from the fruit or veggie and urine can be “acidic” in nature, and when mixed together they can create an odor. Choosing any of our Sprink-L-Fresh scents will neutralize this odor and one of our aromatherapy blends may add even more benefits. Using this in conjunction with the liners can help stretch out how long your liners last in between changes.

The Liners- At Pocket Pets, everyone who works here has these little darlings as our own personal pets, and about a year ago our employees came up with a VERY quick - cheap - way to change out the poo trays of their own personal sugar glider cages in just seconds; AND save a LOT of money over time compared to the different kinds of cage-bedding they were using before ( newspaper, paper towels, etc.)...

EZ Liners are specially-designed sugar glider cage lining sheets that are already pre-cut precisely to fit in the poo tray of your Jung-L-Gym Premium Cages. Since they are absorbent and cover the entire bottom of the cage naturally, they instantly catch/trap anything that falls into the poo tray and can be switched out in seconds without any fuss or muss. It’s as simple as that!

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Sprink-L-Fresh and Liner Combo


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