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Health-E-Blends - Ultimate Organic Sugar Glider Super Smoothie-Straw

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Learn more about our Health-E-Blends in this short message from Virgil:

Introducing a GROUNDBREAKING SMOOTHIE to help your fuzzy family THRIVE!

After tons of formulating & testing, our Sugar Glider experts have helped us to develop the ULTIMATE super-smoothie to "boost" the nutrition in your glider's diet! Our new healthy blends product has been well received and is quickly becoming a favorite. There are many applications for this product and it may prove to be our most versatile yet. 


*For finicky eaters, chow can be mixed in with this product to make sure they are receiving an adequate amount of nutrients

*The fiber in this product will help maintain a healthy GI system and can relieve issues with irregular stool.

* The consistency of this product is perfect for any animals that may have a hard time chewing because of missing teeth, misaligned jaws or any other problems that make eating hard food more difficult.

*Anytime these animals are medicated, it's typically done in liquid form. Many of the medications can actually be mixed with this product (Ask your veterinarian first!)

*Especially in times of stress (ex: bonding, moving, adding new pets) or unexpected illness, surgery or injury, this product has proven to be an amazing tool in recovery, combining the benefits of everything mentioned like no other product on the market.


PRO TIPS: Keeping these animals hydrated is one of the most important parts of their health and the consistency of this product along with the electrolytes it provides can help immensely to keep these animals hydrated. 

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Health-E-Blends - Ultimate Organic Sugar Glider Super Smoothie-Straw


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