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Let the Fun Begin!

Let the FUN with Your Sugar Glider begin!... Please send us your PICS :-)

We love to hear from customers, and if you’ve ever emailed us over the last 30 days, I’m sure you can attest to the fact that we ALWAYS try to get back to you as quickly as possible. In other words, we WANT to hear from you when things are going well – and ALSO when you are having challenges! We are FULLY committed to helping you however we can, and what you’ve seen over the last 30 days is just the beginning of what we hope will be a long and rewarding relationship together! :-)

If you are like most new “parents”, right about now you are at the stage where your new sugar glider baby(ies) are still in the process of bonding, so don’t feel like you have “failed” if you are still working through a lot of those issues. Like I’ve said in several earlier emails, for whatever reason it seems like the ones who bond the slowest – bond the DEEPEST – so whatever you do, don’t give up!.. I know this from my own personal experience with Bandit (who as I’ve mentioned in many previous reports) was one of the most aggressive little babies I’d ever seen, as well as many other Sugar Bears that we’ve helped other people “tame” over the years. They ALL eventually get to the same place of trust and love – as long as their owners don’t give up – and once that happens, it’s just an incredible pet/parent relationship that defies explanation! :-)

In any event, our goal in sending you this “barrage” of emails over the last 30 days was simply to “arm” you with ALL the basic knowledge you need in order to get started on the right foot. Over the years, we’ve just come to LOVE these little “fuzzbutts” so much that we want to do everything in our power to make sure:

  1. they get a good home, and
  2. Sugar Gliders become a loving part of your family for the REST of your life!

That being said, I sincerely hope we haven’t been bothering you too much over the last 30 days – and that you’ve found our emails to be both timely and useful. From here on out, you will be getting a monthly newsletter from us that is loaded with more fun tips – as well as pertinent Questions & Answers from other customers – so STAY TUNED!…

With that in mind then, I do have TWO favors to ask of you… The first is to PLEASE email us with any questions you have – ANY time, day or night… Chances are, if you are wondering something – SO IS SOMEBODY ELSE – and we will be happy to pass this information along in our upcoming newsletters.

The second thing is to please start SENDING US “FUN” PICTURES OF YOU AND YOUR NEW BUDDY(IES) ON A REGULAR BASIS! As you’ve probably noticed already, one of the largest sections of website is our “Photo Gallery” which is jam-packed with LOTS of fun pictures – AND VIDEOS – from other new moms & dads just like you. We LOVE to share these pics & videos with everyone, so every time you take some new ones, upload them at: and we’ll be happy to post them on our site for everybody to see :-)

Also, every month we have a PHOTO CONTEST, where the best picture for that month gets a FREE GIFT like food, vitamins, toys, pouches, etc… Pictures of your new additions in unique poses – or hangin’ out with your OTHER pets – get EXTRA POINTS – so GET CREATIVE :-)

Well, with all that said, we again SINCERELY hope that all the emails you’ve gotten over the last month have been useful. From everyone here at the “Pocket Pets Team”, we ENTHUSIASTICALLY WELCOME you to our family of “Sugar Bear Nuts” – and we look forward to a long and fun relationship with you over the coming years!

In the meantime, stay in touch, and START SENDING IN THOSE PICS & VIDEOS! We can’t wait to see them :-)