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Help! My Sugar Glider is Lost!

Help! My Glider has Escaped, and I can't find them!...

WHAT do I do now...?

Every once in awhile, a new baby will escape from it’s owner – or cage – and the little booger “disappears”… Fortunately, these little “fuzzbutts” are extremely “chicken” - and very predictable. Even though it might look hopeless at this point, history has shown that you have about a 95% chance of getting them back – unharmed – if you follow the instructions below…☺


If you have any other pets in the area that aren’t fully-bonded with your Glider, immediately put them in another room. Also immediately close any open containers of water; like sinks, toilet bowls, aquariums, or any place where an inquisitive little glider could drown. Also put any items away which might be toxic for a Glider.

Be sure to close off any vents and plug any holes where your Glider could go – assuming they aren’t already in one of them.

Look Around!

Stand still in the last place you saw your Glider. When scared, Gliders tend to go for either dark places – or they CLIMB. Look UP… Check curtains, plants and anything else where a Glider could climb. Pick up furniture and look under/behind things.

Place Cage & Food in the Middle of the Floor:

If you can’t find them after a few minutes of searching, you probably won’t – RIGHT NOW. If they’ve done such a good job of hiding that you can’t locate them fairly quickly – they are probably curled up sleeping somewhere in a tight spot – and you won’t find them until after dark when they wake up and come out.

If it’s daytime, all you can do at this point is take their cage, open the door and put it out in the middle of the floor in the general area where you think they might be. Put fresh apples out all over the top of the cage, and even put out some bottle caps full of peach juice from canned peaches. In other words, put whatever type of “treats” you know they like out in the middle of the area where you think they might be.

Wait for Dark!

Around 9-10pm, refresh all the treats you’ve laid out – and shut off all the lights in the house. Sit quietly in the middle of the area – with a flashlight ready – and LISTEN.

It may take an hour or so, but pretty soon you’re going to hear the little booger running/jumping around. Hit them with the beam of light from the flashlight – and retrieve your little darling ☺


The above techniques also work well if your baby gets away from you outside. Just place the cage near where you lost them, and wait for dark.


As just one example, several months ago we had a hysterical customer call us after their husband had taken their new glider for a walk out in the woods behind their house. We explained what to do, and they placed the cage at the bottom of the tree that the Glider had climbed.

Around 2am in the morning, the customer called us again – ECSTATIC. After an hour or so of waiting near the tree with no success, the husband and wife went to bed in despair. The Glider hadn’t come back to it’s cage, so they thought all was lost.

However around 1:30am the wife was awakened by the sound of something “barking” outside their window. In fact, the terrified little baby Glider had followed the owner’s scent trail back to their house – and was sitting on their bedroom windowsill “BARKING” to come back inside. ☺

This is a great illustration of how SMART these little darlings can be :-).