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Pocket Pets is the only source I trust.

by EyeCandy Creative
I am proud to be a part of the pocket pets family. You are the only ones I trust to buy my products for my babies. My babies are 7 years and 4 year...

Amazing customer service!

by EyeCandy Creative
Thank you SO much for responding to my questions regarding shipping so fast. It was also great that your president, Virgil, took the time to e-mail...

Highly rated!

by EyeCandy Creative
Just wanted you to know that I found a web page that actually gives you all the sellers of sugar gliders, and you guys were rated the highest, 9.5 ...

Veterinarian approved!

by EyeCandy Creative
Hi everyone, You probably remember me. I'm the veterinarian who purchased 4 of your babies last week. All have different personalities and they are...